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  • 2018 Season

  • January/February 2018 - Paintings by Donna Wagle

    Originally from Western New York I grew up in a small town on Chautauqua Lake, surrounded by an artistic family.  Upon receiving my Bachelors of Arts degree in Education at Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania, I began teaching art in Ripley and Sherman, New York.  While visiting a friend in Colorado one summer I made the jump to move to Denver, Colorado, and soon began teaching in Douglas County, and later in Pagosa Springs and Salida, CO.  I’ve attended numerous graduate classes in watercolor and pastel painting in Taos, New Mexico, through Adams State College, and taught two graduate extension classes for teachers at Western State.  Also, I have entered several art shows, studio tours, and arts and crafts shows over the years.  After 28 years of teaching art I have retired and now can focus on my own art work full time.  Always wanting to challenge myself, I also enjoy working in ceramics, jewelry making and assemblages, along with painting in various mediums.  My art work runs from realistic to quirky--often full of bright colors and light.  I’m mostly known for my rusty old trucks, wildflowers, and plein aire landscapes depicting the wonderful Colorado scenery.

    Thank you for taking the time to view my art!

  • March/April 2018 Fabric Art of Laura Lozano

    Born and raised in the San Jouquin Valley of California, I now reside in the San Luis Valley.  A process artist, I have always been intrigued with the texture of a medium, paint, fiber, metal yielding to the creative process to stimulate my thoughts of duality, impermanence and the overall fierceness beauty of this land I live upon.  I hope the results of this process will give you some enjoyment!


    1986 BFA in Painting & Drawing from California State University at Chico, CH.

    1984-1989 Self Employed Artisan of orginal art on T-shirts on PowWow Trail

    1989-2000 Wholesale Native American Crafts in United States, Europe, Japan

    2005-2009 Art Coordinator of Boys and Girls Club of Salida and Buena Vista

    Show opening is March 3rd from 6pm-8pm. Exhibit will be from March 1st-April 30th.

  • May/June 2018 - Happy Birthday, MaryBeth (Colcha Embroidery)

    Come see the works of the late wife of Don Baker, a well-known Saguache local.  MaryBeth was well-loved in this town.  But few knew of her artistic talent.  This creative soul loved the art of Colcha Embroidery as well as watercolor painting.

    Her husband has kept her pieces safe over the past 19 years and now, for the first time, they will be on display at The Wapiti Coffeehouse along with photographs and keepsakes from their 35 years together.

    Show opening is May 15th from 6pm-8pm. Exhibit will be from May 1st-June 30th.


  • July/August - Paintings and Etchings of Patti Vincent

    Patti Vincent is a painter and printmaker. Her studio reflects her commitment to daily drawing and small paintings. She renders her subjects effectively with only the essential details. That style is evident in the loose brushstrokes of both her oil paintings and gouache paintings. She maintains an economy of detail in her relief printmaking. Her artwork is inspired by her love of animals, nature, and her daily life (family and surroundings).

    Patti currently teaches drawing classes at her studio in Salida, Colorado.

    B.F.A., summa cum laude, in Painting from Wright State University

    Show opening is July 7th from 2pm-4pm. Exhibit will be from July 1st-August 30th.

  • September/October Photographs of David Sorensen

    David Sorensen is a nature photographer from the Netherlands, who moved to Colorado in 2016. He loves to spend time in the great outdoors, exploring the wilderness on his own. With his nature photography he encourages people to enjoy the beauty of Paradise in their homes. That's why he makes his very nest photography available as high quality canvas prints. 
    David lives in the heart of Colorado, close to Bonanza, right in the middle of the mountains. That gives him unique opportunities to take photos of the real majesty of Colorado. 


    Show opening is September 8th from 3pm-5pm. Exhibit will be from September 1st-October 30th.


  • November 2018 - Watercolor Paintings by Suzanne RougĂ©

    Suzanne Rougé BSED, has been painting professionally since the age of

    14, maturing into a unique style that clearly illustrates her passion

    for historical buildings and the scenery of the high desert terrain.

    Featuring local subjects from the San Luis Valley, her vibrant colors

    breathe life into the sod houses, log cabins and handcrafted adobe

    brick structures rapidly fading from view.

    Show opening is November 10th from 3pm-5pm. Exhibit will be from November 1st-November 30th.